Solarize Mass and Carlisle: A Compelling Opportunity to “Go Green”

By now you’ve hopefully heard at least something about the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Solarize Massachusetts (Solarize Mass) program, but you may not yet fully understand what its goals are and why it represents such a great opportunity for Carlisle in 2013.

So, what is Solarize Mass anyway?

In a nutshell, the Solarize Mass program was launched in 2011 to contribute to the achievement of Governor Deval Patrick’s multi-year initiative to deploy 250 megawatts of additional solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation capacity within Massachusetts by 2017. The program has been structured to help overcome the complexities and cost barriers that have typically plagued the solar energy market, by simplifying the overall procurement process while driving down system pricing.



By leveraging an organized and focused program comprised of community outreach, education, and awareness, Solarize Mass strives to:

  • Increase adoption of solar PV technology across the state
  • Stimulate economic activity within local markets (installers, sales, marketing, support, etc.)
  • Provide communities with a unique experience to engage in a public/private partnership
  • Deliver significant cost savings for those who  opt to “go solar”

How Solarize Mass works

Solarize Mass will run from April to September 2013, with the bulk of activity occurring during the months of June through September.

At the heart of Solarize Mass is a volume discount-based tiered pricing structure that reduces the costs for all participants as more residents avail themselves of the program. The more homeowners within Carlisle who participate, the greater the savings will be for all other participants in town. Carlisle is teaming with Chelmsford in this year’s Solarize Mass program, which combines our purchasing power, broadens our addressable market, and will allow us to achieve higher volume discounts than would be feasible on our own.

During the early phase of the program, Carlisle representatives evaluated proposals from several solar installers who expressed interest and submitted detailed plans for how they would ensure that the town achieves success with Solarize Mass. Following a screening and interview process, the town selected a single dedicated solar installer to help drive Carlisle’s adoption of solar PV within the parameters of the program. We are pleased that SolarFlair Energy is the installer selected to be the sales engine and technical expert for solar PV within Carlisle under Solarize Mass.

Now that an installer has been selected, the program has shifted into high gear with a number of periodic solar PV-related presentations, events, and campaigns throughout the summer months designed to build both early and sustained interest, momentum, and, of course, adoption.

The Solar Coach

Each community selected to participate in the program designates a primary, go-to representative (the Solar Coach) whose responsibilities include:

  • Educating the community on solar PV technology, benefits, and options
  • Reducing intra-community barriers to going solar
  • Setting the community’s expectations on the program’s goals and timeline
  • Acting as a direct line of contact for the community with both MassCEC and the community’s chosen solar installer

Carlisle’s Solar Coach for the Solarize Mass program is Richard Kane, who is personally aware (as a result of a recent procurement of a 7.85 kilowatt solar PV system for his home) that solar PV solutions frequently represent a combination of confusing technology options coupled with confusing financing options. Rich will help demystify the solar buying experience for Carlisle residents in ways that will allow them to better understand what solar PV is, why it’s a worthwhile investment, how to approach and evaluate both technology and financing options, and what to expect both during and after system installation.

Want More Info?

You’ll learn far more about the Solarize Mass program’s volume discounts and other cost-saving incentives—as well as the program’s overall simplification of the solar PV evaluation and selection process for your property—as this initiative is rolled out within Carlisle during 2013. If you’ve been considering “going solar”—or even if you’re already pursuing it—you owe yourself a favor to look into what the Solarize Mass program can do for you.

If you have any immediate questions regarding Solarize Mass within Carlisle, or if you’d like to learn more about solar PV in general, please send email to