The Carlisle Solar Challenge

It’s now easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money—by going solar! Solar-generated electric power has been deployed successfully for both homeowners and businesses for decades. Coupled with recent advances in technology, the proliferation of competitive market offerings, and the availability of generous financial incentives, the time to go solar has never been more compelling.

What is the Carlisle Solar Challenge?

The Carlisle Solar Challenge is a community solar campaign sponsored by the Carlisle Energy Task Force with support from the Town of Carlisle.  The objective of the Carlisle Solar Challenge is to make it easier and more affordable for Carlisle residents to adopt and own residential solar energy systems. Our goal is to double the amount of residential solar from about 70 solar systems today to more than 140 home solar systems by the end of 2015.

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The Carlisle Solar Challenge provides Carlisle residents with carefully selected, high quality regional solar companies, options for solar photovoltaic or “PV” (electric) and solar thermal (hot water) solutions, American-made solar panels and residential solar loans from our financing partner, the Cambridge Trust Company, to increase solar ownership in Carlisle.

  • Saves Carlisle homeowners money on rising utility costs
  • Makes it easy for Carlisle homeowners to own solar energy
  • Provides both solar PV electric and solar thermal solutions