recycleWhen former EPA Director, Lisa Jackson, was asked what single thing individuals could do to positively impact the health of the public and the environment, her answer was surprisingly simple, low tech and doable: “Recycle”. Ms. Jackson’s comments were based on a 2009 EPA report that found that the procurement, production, delivery and disposal of goods and services in the United States accounts for a staggering, 42 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

3r1At the local level, Carlisle’s trash disposal program is paid for by our property taxes. As a local tax-payer in a community with tax-based disposal services, you not only pay for managing your discarded materials, but the trash generated by every Carlisle resident using the Transfer Station. What’s buried a little bit deeper in the trash pile is that as tax-payers at the state and Federal level, we also pay for the associated ‘hidden costs’ of trash related to public health issues, resource depletion, planet heating, and global warming emissions.

Carlisle residents can recycle a wide variety of recyclable and other items at the Carlisle Transfer Station, including discarded electronics (e-Waste), Styrofoam, tires, yard waste, motor oil, products containing mercury, fluorescent light bulbs and some home renovation construction and demolition debris. In addition, household items and usable books, tapes and videos can be left at the Swap Shed for possible reuse by other residents.  Hazardous waste materials are collected once a year in the spring at the Transfer Station. Hazardous waste collection is organized and overseen by the Carlisle Board of Health. Click here for Carlisle Transfer Station Guidelines


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