A number of state and local organizations are actively involved in helping Carlisle residents reduce our carbon emissions and preserve our environment.

 gc_logo The Green Communities Act created a grant and loan program for communities that meet criteria involving zoning and permitting of energy facilities, energy use benchmarking and plans for reducing energy use, fuel efficient vehicles, and minimizing life-cycle energy costs for new construction. Carlisle has qualified as a Green Community.
 Nstar NSTAR transmits and delivers electricity and gas to 1.1 million electric customers in 81 communities and nearly 300,000 gas customers in 51 communities. NSTAR’s Energy Efficiency programs provide smart, practical solutions for anyone who wants to cut down on energy consumption and save money.


recycle The Carlisle Household Recycling Committee encourages recycling, reuse, and reducing use.
mcan Carlisle Climate Action  is a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) a statewide organization that coordinates the work of locally organized groups across Massachusetts fighting the climate crisis.
The Carlisle Conservation Commission is responsible for administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection act. The commission also is responsible for the stewardship of town owned conservation lands and conservation restrictions on private land. 
The Carlisle Conservation Foundation was founded in 1960 with the mission of preserving the natural beauties and the rural character of Carlisle.