Supporting the local food system benefits our personal health and the health of our family, community, environment and local economy.

  • Local food in season is fresh and you can usually taste the difference! Local also means that less fuel has been used to transport the products to market. Click here to see what is in season.
  • If you are concerned about herbicides and pesticides used to grow your food then look for organic produce or try growing your own fruits and vegetables. Check out The organic food guide
  • If you eat eggs or meat and are concerned about the conditions animals raised for food live in then check out the Humanely Raised label in the grocery store or visit the source farm.
  • Want to pick your own? Click here for a list.

SummerLinkLocal food is sourced as close to Carlisle as possible expanding through Massachusetts into New England.  Carlisle is fortunate to have to several farms in town and nearby as well as our won farmers market. If you are interested in buying from local farms, CSA’s, farmers markets or growing your own garden or learning about the overall benefits, keep reading!

What’s New?

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The Carlisle Farmers Market

Carlisle Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 9-noon at Kimballs during the summer months)

Local Farms

Clark Farm (Carlisle) organic

Hutchins Farm (Concord) organic

Jones Farm (Chelmsford)

Sweet Autumn Farm (Carlisle) organic

more local farm stands