Every change you make counts!

You can use this simple check list to create your personal plan or print a plan document.  If you like detail and want to know more about what most affects CO2 emissions you can calculate your own carbon footprint. Click for a PDF version of  MyGreenPlan to print.

 Did it Planning to do it
Energy Efficiency
Get a No-Cost energy assessment – 866-867-8729 or visit www.nextsteplivinginc.com/carlisle
Install an energy monitor
Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs
Turn unused lights off
Plug TV’s, computers and other “leaking” products into smart power strips
Use air dry dishwasher setting
Hang wash out to dry
Use cold water for laundry washing
Wash sheets and clothes less often
Set the hot water heater thermostat to 120 or less
Install solar hot water system
Install a programmable thermostat
Set the winter night time temp to 55-58
Set the daytime (when you are home) temp to 65-68
Regular furnace tune up
Maximize weather stripping
Maximize insulation
Minimize use of air conditioning
Set the summer night time temp to 68-70
Water Efficiency
Install low-flow showerheads (1.0 – 1.5 GPM)
Install aerators for faucets (0.38 – 0.5 GPM)
Install low-flow toilets (0.8 – 1.28 GPF)
Take shorter showers
Take fewer baths
Full Loads for Dishwasher and Washing Machine
Install a Rain Barrel
Plant drought resistant plants
Water so roots grow deep preventing disease and pests
Install drip irrigation
Water lawn at night or early morning
Food Sourcing
Limit red meat consumption
Buy local (Carlisle Farmers Market and local food at the grocery store)
Grow my own
Buy organic
Reduce Solid Waste
Use Reusable Grocery Bags
Stop Junk Mail
Household Products
Use white vinegar as a cleaner
Use biodegradable detergents and cleaners
Use compostable disposable products
Purchase products made from recycled or sustainable materials
Plant drought resistant grasses (fescues, big bluestem, Canadian bluegrass & timothy)
Use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers to encourage deep root growth
Use milky spore instead of pesticides for grub control for pet health and honeybee health
Plant clover and sustainable grasses
Keep the car tuned
Own a low mileage car
Minimize car trips
Keep tires properly inflated
Drive the speed limit
Don’t carry extra weight
Offset My Carbon Footprint
Purchase green power from NSTAR
Plant Trees
Purchase carbon credits when I fly
Purchase carbon credits when I take the train