A sustainable lawn in Carlisle

landscaping Residential landscaping practices have a great effect on the environment in Carlisle.

If you want to minimize the use of chemical herbicides,  pesticides, and fertilizer; select hardy native and other plants that minimize water usage; and identify and eradicate invasive plants that negatively affect the native environment, you’ve come to the right place!

What can you do?

  • Choose lawn seeds that are appropriate for your soil and shade conditions (check out Pearl’s Premium low maintenance grass seed)
  • Use milky spores for natural grub control
  • Mow high and let the grass brown as the summer gets dryer
  • Leave your grass clippings in the lawn and use only organic fertilizer if you need to
  • Use seeper hoses to water your flower beds
  • Compost your kitchen and yard waste
  • Plant native plants
  • If you use a landscaping service ask about sustainable options


Learn to Compost in Your Backyard – A Sierra Club Green Tip