The vision of the Green Carlisle initiative is to provide Carlisle residents with the information and tools you need to live more sustainably. This means working to reduce your household carbon foot print, reducing household waste and protecting our environment. It isn’t easy to do. There is lots of information on what we each can do and it can be overwhelming.

One part of the initiative are the energy efficiency programs such as the free household energy assessment program  and rebates available from NSTAR. Another part of the initiative is to share helpful information on this website  and through local events.

To make this initiative a success we need your help! Please volunteer!

  • Is there a sustainable living topic of particular interest to you?
  • Let us know if you would like to volunteer to organize forums or provide web content.
  • Do you want to lead a content section?
  • Please  suggest information that we should include in this web site
  • Please  give us your suggestions about how we can be most helpful to you.

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