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Many Carlisle residents are unaware of the cash incentives and rebates available through the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program.  The Mass Save program provides residents, both owners and renters, with a no-cost home energy assessment.

You will receive immediate savings from the assessment alone, with the installation of no-cost compact fluorescent light bulbs, digital programmable thermostats and water saving devices for your sink(s) and shower(s).

Your home energy advisor will also provide you with a report of recommendations subsidized by the Mass Save program, which will allow you to cut your energy bills nsl-logo-revisedeven further.  The recommendations could include, no-cost air sealing in the attic and basement rim joist, to reduce air leakage.  Any recommended insulation improvements you choose to go forward with qualifies for a 75% off instant incentive, up to $2,000 a year.  Through the no-cost Mass Save home energy assessment, residents will also receive information and applications for Mass Save rebates and a 0% interest loan that can be used to replace inefficient single-pane windows, air-conditioning, hot water and heating equipment.

YTD Carlisle Participation:

Total Energy Assessments to Date – Sign ups: 109
Total to Date – Completed assessments: 84
Conversion rate: 77%
(Number of Carlisle residents proceeding
to act on Energy Assessment recommendations)
Total Homes in Carlisle:  1,618
% of Homes Audited: 6.9%

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