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The New Carlisle Solar Challenge is Launched!

CarlisleSolarThe Carlisle Solar Challenge is a community solar campaign sponsored by the Carlisle Energy Task Force with support from the Town of Carlisle.  The objective of the Carlisle Solar Challenge is to make it easier and more affordable for Carlisle residents to adopt and own residential solar energy systems. Our goal is to double the amount of residential solar from about 70 solar systems today to more than 140 home solar systems by the end of 2015.  Request a Free Home Solar Evaluation Continue reading


Rebates for Residential Cold-Climate Heat Pumps

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC) just announced new rebates for installation of certain residential cold-climate heat pumps under its Clean Heating and Cooling Program:

  • Act now—Installation must be complete and rebate application submitted no later than February 28, 2015
  • Rebates range from $750 to $3750, depending on system size and type:

Heat Pumps for Cold Climates?? Yes, Indeed!

Carlisle Energy Task Force member, Bob Zogg shares his experience and knowledge on the benefits of heat pumps. “The conventional wisdom is that it’s a bad idea to heat a home with an electric heat pump in New England. Everyone knows that heat pumps are noisy, inefficient, unreliable, and just don’t put out enough heat for New England winters. So, why did my wife and I install an electric heat pump two years ago? We did it to cut our heating bills in half, to reduce our environmental footprint, and to make our home more comfortable year-round” Read the article Cold Climate Heat Pumps 2014 and learn how they might work for you.

EPA ActOnClimate Today Tips

Climate change is a serious threat to the health and welfare of American families. EPA is taking common-sense action to reduce carbon pollution and promote a cleaner energy economy. Meanwhile, many families, communities, businesses, and states are taking action to reduce carbon pollution.

For Earth Month, we’re sharing 30 tips to help you act on climate. Help us spread the word! Share these tips with your friends and family on social media using the #ActOnClimate hashtag. Learn more…

Check Out These Winter Energy Savings Tips!

houseEach of these organizations has plenty of tips to help you save energy this winter. Click on the links and check it out:

Recommended Read


Cooler Smarter is based on an in-depth, two-year study by the experts at The Union of Concerned Scientists. While other green guides suggest an array of tips, Cooler Smarter offers proven strategies to cut carbon, with chapters on transportation, home energy use, diet, personal consumption, as well as how best to influence your workplace, your community, and elected officials. The book explains how to make the biggest impact and when not to sweat the small stuff.

Check it out!

Opportunity to Replace your Inefficient Boiler & Save Money

Do you have an inefficient boiler?  Is it at least 30 years old?  Through the 2013 Early Boiler Replacement Program , National Grid and NSTAR are offering qualified customers a limited-time rebate of $1750 to $4000 to upgrade to a more efficient boiler.

In order to claim the rebate, you must first complete a no-cost Home Energy Assessment between May 1 and August 31, 2013.  Schedule your assessment through Next Step Living by calling 866.867.8729.  If you’re unsure whether or not your old boiler qualifies for a rebate, your Energy Advisor should be able to determine this during the assessment.  Learn more at

Please remember that after you complete your assessment, your new boiler must be installed by October 1, 2013 in order to take advantage of the rebate.

Act quickly as rebates are limited!

A new boiler could save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs each year, as well as prevent hundreds of pounds of carbon and noxious pollutant emissions.

Borrow a Kill-o-Watt at the Gleason Library

How are You Using Energy in Your Home? – Measure Energy and find out

You can go to the Carlisle Library and borrow a Kill-o-Watt plug load monitor to measure how much energy your appliances and ghost loads on you cell phone chargers, TV, stereo, DVD player, computers use when they are not in use. These devises counts consumption by the kilowatt-hour and Calculate electricity expenses by the day, week, month, or year as well as display volts, amps, and wattage within 0.2 percent accuracy



Save Energy with a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats are getting smarter and smarter about how you control the energy in your home. There are programmable thermostats that will set back the heating or cooling in your home when you are not around during the day or at night when you are asleep. You save approximately 3% on your energy use for every 1°F you reduce the temperature during the heating season and for every °F you raise the temperature during the cooling season. There are now thermostats that actually learn your behavior and optimize the energy efficiency of you heating and cooling systems.


Wonder How Efficient Your Home is?

Find out with Infrared Thermography & Blower-Door Testing

  • Infrared thermography takes an infra-red pictures of your home and missing or poorly insulated or caulked areas will show up as hot areas and indicate where your home need work.
  • The blower-door test shows where all the leaks are and where you need to caulk ad weatherstrip your home or ducts.

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